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Luchy Donalds  was born May 28, 1991, in Emi Owerri, the capital city of Imo State. Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. Donald Nwocha. She is the only daughter and the first of three children, of which two are boys.Because of their resemblance, Luchy Donalds has been described by her fans as the sister of the Canadian-born Ghanaian Actress Jackie Appiah.

Luchy Donalds Biography
Luchy Donalds: History, Bio, Photo
Full Name:Luchy Donalds
Parents:Donald Nkwocha
Born:28 May 1991 (age 31 years old)
Place of Birth:Emii, Owerri North
State Of Origin:Imo State
Boyfriend • Husband:Not DISCLOSED
Occupation:Actress • Tv Personality
Net Worth:$200,000

Luchy Donalds Education

Luchy Donalds attended Mount Camel Premier School for her primary and secondary education. She attended Tansian University, Umunya, Anambra State for her tertiary education where she earned a bachelor’s degree in microbiology.


Luchy Donalds joined Nollywood in 2006 and has featured in various movies. Her first movie The Investigator which was a debut brought her into the limelight in 2014.Subsequently, she acted in several movies with Nollywood actors in the Nigerian Film Industry.

Luchy Donalds Biography: Endorsement

The company Univasal Services signed an ambassadorial arrangement with Luchy Donalds on May 17, 2021. She is the first brand ambassador of this company.

Selected filmography

  • Seed of Sorrow (2020)
  • Royal Sibling (2021)
  • Lust in Marriage (2021)
  • Marriage Bride Price (2021)
  • Songs and Sorrows(2021)
  • Crazy Fighter (2021)
  • Trust no one(2021)
  • Billionaire and his Blind Wives (2021)
  • Soul on Fire (2021)
  • The Classic Ladies (2021)
  • Chef Augusta (2021)
  • Cheating in Marriage (2021)
  • At Age 18 (2021)


City People Entertainment AwardsMost Promising Actress Of The Year (English)Nominated
2019Nigerian Achievers’ AwardBest Supporting Actress of the yearWon
Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice AwardsBest New Actress Of The YearNominated

Pictures of Luchy Donalds cars

Luchy Donalds Biography
Luchy Donalds Biography
Luchy Donalds Phone Number, WhatsApp Contact: Luchy Donalds can be contacted via her Instagram page Account Profile Handle
Instagram: Luchy Donalds Instagram Handle luchydonalds. Luchy Donalds currently has 1.1m followers on her Instagram page Account Profile as at the time of writing this her Bio.
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