Meet Actress Binta Ayo Mogaji Handsome Husband And Adorable Son she had for Jibola Dabo

Binta Ayo Mogaji is a veteran Nigerian actress. According to film critic, Shaibu Husseini,Mogaji has been a part of at least 800 film, television and theater productions.

Born in 1964, Mogaji is a native of Agbo-Ile,Ibadan.

Her father is an Islamic cleric, while her mother is an education administrator. In 2006, she married retired soccer player and physiotherapist, Victor Ayodele Oduleye.

Prior to her marriage, she was romantically involved with actor, Jibola Dabo and had a son as a result of the relationship.

Her first home video film was Mojere, which was done in Yoruba. She was awarded best actress at the REEL Awards.

In 2015, Mogaji debunked filmmakers’ preference for younger generation actors in Nollywood.

She explained that their reasons can not be based on the act of professionalism, because there is nothing younger actors were doing that the older ones can’t still do.

In a 2018 interview with The Punch, Mogaji explained that due to her Islamic background, she has never acted semi-nude or kissed throughout her decades of practicing as an actress.

She noted that producers know the type of role she can play.

Binta Ago Mogaji And Her husband,Ayodele Oduleye

Actress Binta Ayo Mogaji celebrated her 50th birthday in Dublin.

The Igbalandogi actress was honoured by his friends and colleagues as they grace the occations.

Veteran actor Deji Adenuga and his lovely wife Yemi, comic actor Baba Latin , elegant actress Remi Surutu as MC and many others.

Fuji musician Sefiu Alao was also there to entertain celebrant and her guests.

Ayo relocate to Ireland after she got married to her long time boyfriend and widower Dr. Oduleye.

Binta said she was never married to Nollywood actor Jibola Dabo even though there were rumours then that the pair were married but their union didn’t work out.

Veteran actress Ayo Mogaji finally voice out debunking claims of her marriage to Jibola Dabo.

The Nollywood actress speaking in a recent interview with Telegraph said she was never married to Nollywood actor Jibola Dabo even though there were rumours then that the pair were married but their union didn’t work out.


“Jibola was only my boyfriend, though we had a baby together before I got married. We never got married to each other. I’m married to a British Psychotherapist named Dr. Victor Ayodele Oduleye,” says Ayo.


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