Meet Dele Odule, Mr Latin, Muyiwa Ademola, Yinka Quadri and other Yoruba Nollywood actors and their wives you don’t know about (PICS)

To be in the movie industry comes with fame and to maintain the fame their are certain responsibilities that comes with it, such as flaunting of lifestyle and also showcasing their families especially their significant partner.

However their are some big names in the Yoruba movie industry that are still waxing strong but hardly showcase their wives.

Icons like ogogo, Dele Odule, Yinka Qaudri, Mr Latins and lots more.

check out some of the big names in the movie industry and their wives.

Baba Luwe and wife




Yinka Quadri and Wife


Muyiwa Ademola and wife



Mr Latin’s Wife



Dele Odule and wife



Antar Laniyan and Wife

Ogogo and Wife


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