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Chikamso Ejiofor Ozonigbo, also known as Chikamso Ozonigbo, is his true name.
He’s a petite, well-built Nollywood actor who’s making waves in the Nigerian film industry right now.

On March 6, 1994, he was born. His exact birthplace and educational background are unknown. He is of Igbo ancestry. Chikamso has an innocent and youthful appearance that leads many to question his true age.
Acting Career of Chikamso Ozonigbo
He has appeared in a number of Nollywood films, including the following:

• Tomtom and Sweet

• Ala Nwa Eze Ndi

• Commissioner of Joy

• Child with a Problem

• Billionaire Syndicate

• Disco Dancers are a type of dancer who performs in a

Sunny Boy is a character in the film Sunny Boy.

Others include Ntu Ozonumerous.

Chikamso is a skilled Nollywood actor who is widely regarded as having taken over the roles of famed actors Aki and Pawpaw.

He is also in high demand by movie producers and filmmakers, charging up to N200,000 every film.
The outstanding Nollywood actor has collaborated with major Nollywood actors such as Zubby Michael, prompting many of his admirers to wonder if Zubby is his biological father.

No, Zubby Michael is not a professional actor; he is merely a co-actor in the industry.

The well-known actor is not yet married, but rumor has it that he is in a relationship that he keeps hidden from the public eye and social media.

Chikamso Ozonigbo is one of Nollywood’s highest-paid small-screen actors.

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