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His most established little girl simply graduated a year ago.

Jjc implies Johnny simply come, normally used to call a fledgling.

On the off chance that I need to wed multiple times till I get the correct lady, I won’t quit getting hitched

Joy in a marriage ought to be a double encounter and one individual ought not be suffering while someone else is getting a charge out of in light of the fact that the other party is simply yielding, it is a hopeless inclination.

More terrible off, a circumstance whereby the two gatherings are loathing the marriage, on the off chance that they can’t figure out how to joy, they better leave

JJC Skills, Abdulrasheed Bello was conceived in Kano in 1977 and he moved to UK when he was 14.

He has consistently been an admirer of Africa and had a significant hit with the track ‘we are Africans’

He was causing a ripple effect in the UK before then as he discharged a collection in 2004, Atide, with his 419 crew.

He didn’t discover enduring affection until he met Funke Akindele who they wedded in 2016 and God favored them with twins in 2018.

Before that, he had 3 children(1 young lady and 2 young men) from 3 ladies , Funke’s twins makes his youngsters 5 and making her the fourth lady.

In 2013, he won the best global craftsman at the Nigerian diversion grant

Aside singing, he is a hot maker and hits like Weird MC ‘s Ijoya, Pu Yanga by Tillaman, and Morile by Buoqui are to appear for it.

Would you be able to see that the youngsters appear to cherish funke Akindele, their progression mum

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