KBNG Home | Editoria | Meet The Kenyan Emmanuela, Bridget Bema Who Got Everyone Talking With Her Viral Video.

At the age of 9, Bridget Bema is already an online sensation, and the Kenyan child comedian is already making waves across the continent.

On social media, a skit based on the character of Bridget Bema is going viral, as many have compared her to the Nigerian comedian, Emanuella Samuel.

“Social media users have responded to the video trend #1 in Nigeria with some calling Bridget Bema a “real hooligan” and others saying she’s “Marlian.

In the video, when their teacher released a list containing names of students who committed various crimes, pupils gathered outside their classrooms for morning devotion.

One after the other, he called the names and their offences, and Bridget’s name came up many times.

In the video, as her name was constantly listed in all the lists of rule breakers in the school, she kept on moving from one line to another.

Who is Bridget Bema and all you need to know about her.
Bridget Bema, who is also the younger sister of the rising Kenyan comedian, YY, is a Kenyan content maker and child comedian.
Born on November 10, 2011, the adorable 9-year-old often appears with her brother in comedy videos.
Talking about her brother, Oliver Otieno AKA YY The Comedian, in the viral video where Bridget’s name was reeled for various misdemeanors ranging from late-coming, to noisemaking and bullying, the School Administrator played.

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