9 Men 9 Women Meet Veteran Actor Adebayo Salami wives and 18 Children

There are controversial information about Adebayo Salami wives and their number. Some say that he has many wives, but others deny it. Continue reading to get the facts

Adebayo Salami and his wives

Adebayo Salami is a veteran Nigerian actor and movie producer who is also known under the name Oga Bello. This time we want to tell you about Adebayo Salami family, and especially his wives. There are different rumors about the number of the actor’s wives, but actually, now he has two wives. See also: Femi Adebayo biography: age, wives, children, house & net worth

Adebayo Salami met his first wife in Primary school. Her name is Alhaja Ejide, and she says that she didn’t like Adebayo in the school. After some time they became friends, and later they started a romantic relationship. They have been together for 40 years.

We became friends after she bought me meat pie and rice. And we began to date. We loved each other so much from 1966 till we got married in 1975. She joined me in fetching water back then when we were kids. She helped a lot. – Adebayo Salami said about his wife.

Adebayo Salami is the father of 18 children, he has nine daughters and nine sons. Five of Adebayo Salami children are also involved in the movie industry. The most known of them are Femi Adebayo, Kemi Adebayo and Tope Adebayo. See also: Pete Edochie family history

In an interview in 2013, Adebayo Salami was asked about the number of his wives:

Please let’s leave the number of wives. I don’t want to talk about that. I met my first wife in secondary school and I met the second through my younger sister. – the actor replied.


It is not easy to run a polygamous house, and it is only by God’s grace one can do that. It cannot be applicable to everybody. The best marriage is that of one man and a wife, but if any of my children’s destiny is to have more than a wife, then there is nothing I can do about it. I believe I am destined to be a polygamous person. – Adebayo Salami said about his polygamous marriage.


The rumors about several wives was fueled because the actor has 18 children. According to an interview published on naijagists.com, Adebayo Salami doesn’t hide that he had some relationships with women and the stardom played a big role in his fatherhood.

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