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Babatunde Omidina, better known by his stage name Baba Suwe, was a veteran Yoruba actor who was happily married to his late wife, Omoladun, and the couple had two children, with Baba Suwe having another child before marrying Omoladun.


Babasuwe was born on Lagos Island in Lagos, Nigeria’s southwest, on August 22, 1968.

Omidina obtained his early schooling at Jamaitul Islamia Primary School in Lagos and Children Boarding School in Osogbo, Osun State’s capital.

He then went to secondary education at Adekanbi Commercial High School in Mile 12, Lagos state. Meanwhile, the thespian obtained a West African School Certificate from Ifeoluwa Grammar School in Osogbo, Osun State.



Baba Suwe’s Wife

Babatunde Omidina married his true love, Omoladun Omidina, a theatre practitioner, in 1995, and they have two children, Okiki and Halimat Omidina.

Their 14-year marriage came to an end in 2009 when Omoladun passed away, separating aba Suwe from his wife.

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Baba Suwe’s children

Babatunde Omidinna has three children from his marriage to Omoladun. The children’s names are  Adesola I. Morenikeji Omidina, Okiki Omidina, and Halimat Omidina.


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