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This dark skin and beautiful actress has been one of the most sought after actresses. And ever since she rose to fame she has acted in many more exciting movies. She has been absolutely on top of her game as she can fit into any role given to her.

Who Is Biola Adebayo’s Father?

So many people actually mistake her to be Oga Bello’s daughter who is Adebayo Salami mainly because of the surname and they are also both from Kwara state. But Biola Adebayo is not from Ilorin.

What Is Her Grass To Grace Story?

Growing up was very tough for Biola Adebayo, she grow up in an environment where you had to fend for yourself. She grow up with her grandmother, she couldn’t have anything as her parents were divorced. In order to survive she has to work. She has been on the street hawking foodstuffs since this beautiful actress was 5 years old. She had to reveal this to let people know that you can get to anywhere in life if you are determined. In those days once she returned back from school there was always something waiting for her to sell. She never like begging for money she would rather prefer to work and earn some money. Also Biola would rather wash clothes and get paid for it than to beg for money.

She has done different things on the street of Lagos State to survive and she thanks God that she is okay now. It was tough but today God has blessed Biola. Even though Biola was still very young then she believed that she would be successful in life. She strove hard and miss about 5 offers given before she was finally admitted into school. She don’t have the money to get into school and nobody was there to pay her fees. She told herself that she would go to school as comfortable student. Well all that has become a reality. Abiola obtained a degree in history and International relations at Lagos State University. And also studied public administration for her master’s degree at the prestigious university of Lagos. And even now she got a place for her mother in Lagos State.

Biola Adebayo’s Marriage

Of course, there would be rejoicing in her camp.Why?

The dark-skinned pretty actress, Biola Adebayo aka Eyin Oka, is now remarrying after a terrible heartbreak in 2014.

Her first marriage was in October 2012 to a man who was based in the United Kingdom called Ola.

It was a private wedding in London and very low key.

In 2013, Biola granted an interview to National Encomium, a soft sell magazine and talked about hermarriage.

This was after she had  gotten married and shuttled between Nigeria and United Kingdom.

When asked how she felt as a married woman, she told the reporter, Olaronke Morgan, “It’s great. It’s something that at one point in your life, you have to do. It’s not as if its special or you’re the only one in it. At some point in your life, it’s demanded of you. There is time for everything.”

Then when asked to talk more about her marriage, Biola said, “There’s nothing too special about my marriage. I am married to the most wonderful man in the world, a man that understands me, a man that cares for me, a man that I knows he loves me. He‘s an IT person. He lives in the UK.”

She even revealed that the kids should start coming in when she relocated fully.

She did relocate to the UK and her face was off the cameras in Nigeria.

But the marriage with Ola didn’t make it to their second anniversary.

According to Biola, the couple decided not having children that would end up having the Sickle Cell disorder.

Thereafter, in an interview with Daily Sun, Biola confessed that they separated due to genotype issues but vehemently denied ever getting married to Ola.

Friends and fans were confounded.

Referring to the ceremony which held in London as an ‘engagement’, many still wondered how many women would wear a white wedding dress as an engagement dress and the groom would wear a suit in the presence of some party guests!

Anyways, Biola, who was born in Lagos and became popular with her lead role in the movie “Eyin Oka”, has moved on.

She is now Mrs Steven Akinrinde and decided  to tie the knots with Mr Oluwaseyi Akinrinde at the Ikoyi, Lagos Registry two days ago.

This time, her close colleagues and family members were in attendance.

Meanwhile, in her wedding videos shared on Instagram, the actress wrote this caption:

“Happy married life to us babe….I said Yes! and today we started a journey to forever.  This journey called marriage “ as assertive as I can be with many things in life, definitely not sure I am with “marriage” my fears has held me down for so long but then I held unto his word and “I believe “ I do not believe in my strength or ability but I believe in the one that knows the end even before it begins (The Alpha and Omega) I dropped all my fears and worries at the feet of the Lord Jesus, I’ll do my part and I’ll leave God to perfect the rest. Don’t expect perfection from us because we’re not but our God is and we have put him at the center. Babe, thanks for choosing me to walk the “Journey” of life with you, I wholeheartedly choose you above anyone else.

Rejoice with me!

It’s the beginning of a new dawn.


Biola Adebayo’s Movies

Her movies includes Eyi Nimofe, Jibike Alaseju, FOG, Never Too Late, Emi, Amen, Mafisere, Ofin Kunkanla, Igbeyawo Arugbo, Ojabo Kofo, Eyin Oka, Sikiratu Sindodo, Omo Abore, Olaide Irawo, Ika Mefa, Ijakumo, Pamiinku, Fesojaye among others.

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