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Her real name is Owomitola Oladokun she is popularly known as Ika Lomo Ejo or Mama Jenifa, so many people say the award for the greatest crying actress especially Yoruba Nollywood industry should be given to this actress Told Oladokun. She cries so much in movies and she makes it believable. She revealed that one of her first major in the industry has to do with crying. On the set of that movie the director said that he wanted to get water to fake tears for her but then she told him that there was no need for that.

Ika Lomo Ejo cries so much in that movie, that it looks so real, since then everytime a role has to do with shedding tears they always use to give it to her. She started acting in the year 1983, she Celebrated 55 years in the year 2014, so this year she should be 61 years old. The movie that brought her to Limelight was the movie Ika Lomo Ejo. She has featured in so many Yoruba movies, her favourite colour are White and blue. Tola Oladokun was born in Igungun a town in Ibarapa in Oyo State.


She had both her primary and secondary education in that town. She schooled precisely in Methodist primary school and Igungun high school respectively. However she had to stop after her secondary school education because she is from a polygamous home and his father had 4 Wives.

Things were difficult for her mother so she decided to go back to learn a trade. That was when she learn fabrics selling after secondary education she started selling a fabrics, it was around that time that she met her husband Samuel Adeogun however her husband I unfortunately late now, he became late in the year 2000. She was married to him for years and they are blessed with lovely children.

The first movie that she participated in was titled Tibi Tire. Some of her popular works includes Omo Dara, Idoti Oju, Okun Juwa just to mention a few.

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