“Men Are Going Through A Lot, Some Women Are Witches”, Omoni Oboli

Nollywood actress and filmmaker, Omoni Oboli has taken to Instagram to make a case for men as she writes about gender-based violence.

Omoni opined that men are victims of brutality from the hands of their female counter as ‘some women are witches’ and men are going a lot in their hands.

She then spoke about herself, saying that she is the sweetest person but can be a lion if any woman hurts her sons.

She wrote:

“Men are going through a lot too.”

“Some women are witches. I am the sweetest person. My sons’ girlfriends and wives will enjoy me immensely but if you try to hurt my son, my sister in the lord! You will see a lion. E go shock you. #NoToDomesticViolence #GenderBasedViolence.”

Recalls Omoni Oboli had assured Nigerian youths and those who look up to her that they can indeed succeed in life if they work towards the goal.

The mother of three via her Instagram page revealed that she was able to make it this far and become a well known name in the Nigerian entertainment industry and globally without a sliver spoon.

Her message was in response to someone who told her to stop working hard because she is already popular globally.

Omoni Oboli posted photos slide of herself on duty and captioned it: “Someone said I’m already made so why work so hard…I say, I’m working to leave a legacy for my kids and other young people especially of African decent. If a girl like me who wasn’t born with a silver spoon can succeed globally, everyone can! We are not here to look pretty”.


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