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Mike Chen (born December 22, 1980) is a well-known American YouTuber and social media personality. He is well-known for distributing various types of content through a plethora of YouTube Channels.

Mike Chen’s videos include culinary vlogs, science videos, dumplings, and other topics. The fact that his experimental content has amassed millions of views and subscribers is the most impressive aspect of his YouTube channels.

Mike Chen Biography: Wife, Net Worth, Age, Daughter.
Full Name:Mike Chen
Stage Name:Strictly Dumpling
Born:22 December 1980 (age 53 years old)
Place of Birth:Xi’an, China
Nationality:American, Chinese
Height:1.73 m
Wife • Spouse:Not Married
Girlfriend • Partner:Christine (ex.), Jessie (ex.), Floma Quin (curr.)
Occupation:YouTuber • Media Personality
Net Worth:US$3 million

His Early Life and Education

Mike Chen, better known as Strictly Dumpling, was born on December 22, 1980, in Xi’an, China. He, on the other hand, was raised in the United States and now lives in Middletown, New York.

Tennessee was his first home after moving to the United States. It was prior to his relocation to four different Midwest states.

Mike Chen attended Truman State University to pursue an accounting degree in preparation for a career with the FBI. But his ambition was short-lived, as he was hired by Morgan Stanley and then by New Tang Dynasty Television.

Mike Chen’s Career

Mike Chen creates content on a variety of subjects, including Asian culture and traditions, travel, mystery, and paranormal phenomena, but his primary focus is food. He is well-known in the YouTube community for his passion for cooking and evaluating food.

He has been making cuisine videos on YouTube since 2013, and he has a sizable following. In this way, he was able to secure his platform while also creating new opportunities for himself.

Strictly Dumpling launched his YouTube channel on October 28th, 2013, and his main channel now has over 3.48 million subscribers and 705 million views. In this channel, he shows you the best places to eat and reviews the food.

Mike Chen also provides his followers with delectable recipes and uses his material to guide them through the entire process. He is not backing down when it comes to producing more diverse material and securing his currency. He also has five other YouTube channels with a wide range of content.

His second channel, Cook with Mikey, has over 176K subscribers and over 7 million views. “Eat with Mikey,” the third channel, has over 150K subscribers and over 8 million total views. His fourth channel, “Mikey Chen,” has over 1.22 million subscribers and over 203 million total views.

The fifth channel, “Beyond Science,” has about 2.08 subscribers and a total viewership of more than 344 million. The sixth channel is titled “The Chen Dynasty.” It has over 448K subscribers and over 61 million total views.

His Personal Life

There has also been no word or speculation about Mike Chen dating. He appears to be satisfied with his personal life outside of social media platforms.

He appears to be waiting for the right time to move forward in his life. Mike Chen appears to be completely obsessed with love, hosting, and traveling.

According to some media outlets, Mike Chen previously dated two girlfriends named Christine and Jessie. According to recent research, he has a new girlfriend named Floma Quin.

His Net Worth

Mike Chen, aka Strictly Dumpling, has a net worth of $3 million. On his main YouTube channel, he has over 3.48 million subscribers and over 705 million total views.

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