Comedian Mr Macaroni has opened up about why he declined meeting with the vice president Osibanjo along with the other comedians yesterday.

Photos of some of the popular comedians with the vice president went viral yesterday and people were criticizing them as well as asking why Mr Macaroni wasn’t present and he has shared his reasons with us and it’s just fare.

According to him, they were invited by an award organization to meet with the vice president but he declined himself because he believes there’s nothing more to say to convince them since they are always on social media and know what is going on.

To Mr Macaroni, going all the way out to meet the vice president and talk to him about something he has seen and read about on social media is not necessary hence he decided not to join his colleagues in going to his office since they think it’s the right thing to do now.

Mr Macaroni also added that since it’s election year these politicians are doing everything possible to make their PR work very well for them and it’s about time netizens look beyond their deceits and extravagant promises that they never keep.

Adding that he has been doing his own thing to help others in the very little way he can and whenever he sees the souls he has been able to touch he get’s happy and moreover he has been talking about the problem in the country in most of his skits so there’s no need meeting anyone.

screenshot below;

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