My Friends’ Lifestyle Who Travelled Abroad ‘Entered’ My Eyes, so I Saved for Italy: Nigerian Man Narrates

My Friends’ Lifestyle Who Travelled Abroad ‘Entered’ My Eyes, so I Saved for Italy: Nigerian Man Narrates

  • A 39-year-old man, Gideon Iken, said he wanted to get to Italy through Libya but his effort got futile as he was deported
  • The man revealed that he wanted to live large like his friends who came back from Italy with much wealth
  • When the 39-year-old asked his friends to help him with flight money so he can be like them, they asked him to go through the land as they did

A Nigerian man, Gideon Iken, has narrated his horrible experience abroad, showing the scars it gave him all over his body.

In his conversation with Legit TV, he said that he was influenced by some of his friends who returned from the UK and Italy and showed off their money.

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Gideon said when he went to one of them for money, the person declined. He revealed that it was out of that frustration that he embarked on getting to Europe through the desert.

He is now broke and needs help.
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I thought going abroad will help my life

He added that he set a personal target, saying that before the age of 40, he would have had his own house and other properties.

The Nigerian man said he had planned to live large in the future, never knowing that the journey would set his life several years back.

He is now so poor

He lives in a ramshackle one-room apartment that has a falling roof and he takes his bath outside the house before anyone wakes up.

The 39-year-old man revealed that he had to save hard before he could go on the journey.

I would start a business if given the same money now

Before the unfortunate journey to Libya, he was a bricklayer. Gideon was making N20,000 weekly.

From that income, he was able to gather N350,000 to travel. When asked what he would do if he had that same sum, he said he would start a business.


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