• A Nigerian lady, Oluwatobi, has gone on Twitter to seek an eligible partner for marriage
  • In a post on Thursday, October 22, she said she has an American passport, showing she is a US citizen

  • Men thronged her comment section as they marketed themselves as the right person for her  A Nigerian lady with the Twitter name @Ms_oluwatobi caused a massive stir on the social media platform when she showcased her American passport, calling for applications from those interested in marrying her. In her tweet,

she said:

“I have blue Pali, who wants to marry me?” In response, many Nigerian men flooded her comment section to show why they are the right candidates.

The Nigerian lady said she has a blue passport.
Photo source: Twitter/Ms_oluwatobi

The Nigerian lady said she has a blue passport. Photo source: Twitter/Ms_oluwatobi Source: Twitter The comment section is an entertainment centre as people went from revealing their good genotypes to saying they just want to go to a place where the grass is greener.

See her tweet below:

One of those who commented on her tweet prided himself on the quality that he is 6ft tall, a feature he believes makes him the ideal husband. Below are some of the comments: @doyin_deji said: “Tobi, please I am the first born, don’t allow my family suffer. Consider me; I’m tall, dark, and if I smile for you like this, you will prefer to ignore the warm orange hue that saturates the horizons of your dawns. Ma je ki ayé mi bàjẹ́. Jo!”

@OyebamijiLekan2 said: “Oluwatobi, I’m all you need! I live and breath love! and my mouth sweet die!!!”

@sheyisleekk said: “I am AA, 6ft tall and I am a very fine boy…Like I fine die so our children go fine. I have Sense gann and I have a B. Agric and other certifications I can foward to your email and finally I’m God-fearing. I can lay Bed and also do one or two things therein ‘lest I forget”



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