Nkechi Blessing shared a number of photos on Instagram with a man she claimed to as her best friend or closest friend, but some of her followers took issue with that term.

In reaction to speculations that she is currently dating the young man, Nkechi Blessing issued a stern warning to her Instagram followers, hinting that she is dating him.

Nkechi Blessing became enraged and protested that she had complete control over her body and could do whatever she wanted with it.

She denied having sex with him, but a user going by the handle @trinidadstones said that they were indeed having intercourse.

He stated:

“2 of them dock…” Normal

For the avoidance of doubt, the terms “docking” and “docking” refer to having sex.

Nkechi Blessing expressed his disapproval of the statement by asking how it affects him.

She penned:

How did that one action impact you?

View their conversation below:




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