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The life of Wale Akorede, also known as Okunu. He is a very talented Nollywood actor, scriptwriter, director, and producer.

He is well-known for his comic and humorous roles, particularly in Yoruba films. He has appeared in, produced, and directed a large number of films.

Okunu Biography
Wale Akorede Okunu Biography: Age, Career, Movies, Family and Net Worth 2022
Okunu Biography: History, Movies, Comedy
Full Name:Wale Akorede
Stage Name:Okunnu
Born:5th of November
Birth Place:Ibadan, Oyo State
State Of Origin:Ogbomosho, Oyo State
Occupation:Actor, Script Writer, Director, Producer
Net Worth:$500,000

Wale Akorede Biography

Wale Akorede Okunu Biography: Age, Career, Movies, Family and Net Worth 2022
Wale Akorede Biography

Wale Akorede, better known as Okunnu, is a talented Nollywood actor. Wale Akorede is a producer, writer, director, and actor. He is best known for his comic and comedic roles in Yoruba films. He has appeared and produced in a number of films.

Wale Akorede was born in Ibadan but grew up in Ogbomosho, Oyo state. He celebrates his birthday on November 5th.

Wale Akorede Background and Education

Wale Akorede is a Nollywood comic actor and producer who was born in Ibadan on November 5th but is from Ogbomosho in Oyo state.

Okunu went to The Polytechnic of Ibadan after finishing primary and secondary school.

Wale Akorede Okunu Biography: Age, Career, Movies, Family and Net Worth 2022
Okunu biography

Wale Akorede Career

Wale Akorede Okunu Biography: Age, Career, Movies, Family and Net Worth 2022
Wale akorede biography

He began acting in 1984. He began acting professionally years after finishing his business and graduating. Although Wale Akorede discovered his acting talent in primary and secondary school, after completing his tertiary education, he enrolled in business while still aspiring to be an actor, until an opportunity was presented to him by his fellow prolific actor, Muyiwa Ademola.

Wale Akorede is a versatile actor who can play any role flawlessly, but he prefers farce roles because he knows them by heart and can perform them effortlessly. He is now not only a well-known actor, but also a producer and director, having produced and directed numerous films.

See excerpt from interview about his career

How did he get the stage name, Okunnu? What are the challenges he went through in life as an actor? These and many more Alhaji Wale Okunnu revealed when he was hosted recently by the Publisher, SEYE KEHINDE, via City People Instagram Live Chat. Below are the excerpts of the interview.

How do you feel looking back at your years and everything you have done in the movie industry?

Well, glory be to the Almighty because it is not my decision, it is God’s wish. I always thank God for what He has done for me in the industry. There is nothing I have to say than to thank God. I always thank Him every second, every minute.

Talking about the many roles you play in the industry, how did it start? Is it something you trained for or they come naturally, I mean your comic role?

Thank you so much sir. Many people find it difficult to discover themselves in life. I started my acting career when I was in primary school. I actually started with comic roles then, but later on I quit the comedy aspect. When I wanted to do my first movie, somebody adviced me, Alhaji Kazeem Afolayan, the owner of Epsalum Production to be precise. He called me and said “while you want to write this script, why can’t you put some comedy because I perceive comedy skills in you”. Then I did so, I followed the instruction he gave me, and to God be the glory that instruction worked, and I have nothing to do than to continue in it.

You have been acting for how long now?

I started acting since 1984.

But you didn’t start as a comic actor?

No, I didn’t start as a comic actor. You know a player can never see himself on field, but those people that are watching will know where he needs to improve.

What is the difference between Okunnu and Wale Akorede?

Okunnu is a character in movies. At times when I sit down to watch Okunnu performances I always laugh, I would be asking myself if this is truly me? Is this truely Wale Akorede? But later I realised it’s Okunnu, because Wale Akorede is a very complete gentleman. I don’t talk outside, I don’t go out anyhow. I always love to watch Okunnu on TV as well because I just love the character myself and the Okunnu character would have been the only person I would love in my life if I am not the one. (Laugh).

Are there anytime you become Okunnu in real life?

Not really; but when I get to a place especially and my spirit goes with the people there, then, they will see Okunnu there.

How did you come about the name Okunnu?

I started with scriptwriting because I love to write. I realised if you want to achieve a good script, you have to use strange names, so that the name can sink in the head of those that watch the movie. When they notice the name sound strange they will follow the name and the character. I realised Okunnu is not common. I heard the name for the first time from Dr. Sikiru Ayinde Barrister.


He did a live play in Ikorodu in 1984 and I have the opportunity to listen to that music in 1986. Since then I grabbed the name and I wrote it down in my book, that anytime I want to play a lead role in a movie I will bear that name, and it works out well, I have been using the name since then.

Why did you always sing like late Sikiru Ayinde Barrister?

Dr. Sikiru Ayinde Barrister was the music I listened to while growing up. It has really registered in my brain. My father always love to hear Yusuf Olatunji and Haruna Ishola but I chose to love Dr. Sikiru Ayinde Barrister’s songs.

Wale Akorede Movies

Wale Akorede Okunu Biography: Age, Career, Movies, Family and Net Worth 2022
Wale Akorede Movies

Wale Akorede has acted, produced and directed several movies, his most popular movies are  Ise imole and Last days.

List of some of his movies are;

  • Oba Korope
  • Omo olusho
  • Kariile
  • Gbarada
  • Iyebiye
  • Omoanibiire
  • Iya paiko
  • Igbeyawo Rebecca
  • Layepe
  • Ebun Oluwa
  • Abara meji
  • Mallam Musa
  • Afolayan
  • Eyitayo
  • Kofun
  • Iyawo Baba
  • Ayederu
  • Okirika
  • Gbajumo and so on.

Wale Akorede Wife and Children

Wale Akorede Okunu Biography: Age, Career, Movies, Family and Net Worth 2022
Wale Akorede Family

Wale Akorede is married to the love of his life, and the couple has three children: a boy and two girls. He is a proud father who enjoys spending time with his children.

Wale Akorede Instagram

Wale Akorede is an active user of Instagram. His username is @okunnu_1

Wale Akorede Net Worth

Wale Akorede Okunu Biography: Age, Career, Movies, Family and Net Worth 2022
Wale Akorede Net Worth

Wale Akorede has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

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