On graduation day in Sokoto, a 16-year-old girl’s leg was amputated after being crushed by a male student performing stunt driving.
The Sokoto State Police Command has re-arrested a student, Aliyu Sunusi Umar, for hitting a fellow student, Fatima Suleiman, with a car, causing one of her legs to be amputated hours after her final exam.
On Monday, August 22, the magistrate remanded the suspect in the Sokoto Correctional Centre until next Monday, when the case would be heard again.
Fatima, a 16-year-old final-year student at Khalifa International Model School on Nana Asma’u Road in Sokoto, was hit by the perpetrator last week on the school’s graduation day.
On graduation day in Sokoto, a 16-year-old girl's leg was amputated.

Fatima and her friends were said to have exited the exam hall in joy after finishing their final exam, exchanging contact information and signing autographs.

During this joyful moment, she received a call from her mother, informing her that she was on her way to pick her up.

Fatima told Daily Trust that she and her friends then went outside the school grounds to wait for her mother.

At that point, a student from another school arrived in his car to perform some stunt driving.

On graduation day in Sokoto, a 16-year-old girl's leg was amputated.

“I was sitting with my friends when the guy sped up and sprayed stagnant water on us.” “We reported him to our school administration, and he was asked to leave the area,” she said.

“However, instead of heeding their warning, he continued his stunt driving and eventually lost control of the car.” We attempted to flee, but unfortunately for me, I missed a step and fell, and the vehicle ran over one of my legs, but my two friends escaped unharmed.”

“I was then taken to the Trauma Centre of Usmanu Danfodiyo University Teaching Hospital, where doctors determined that my limb needed to be amputated to save my life,” she explained.

Fatima stated that her ambition is to become a medical doctor, and that whatever happened to her would not prevent her from achieving her goal.

“”I’ve had this ambition for a long time because my father is a medical doctor; I took JAMB this year and scored 230,” she explained.

Dr. Suleiman Sabah, her father, said he was in his office at the Federal Medical Centre Gusau around 2.30pm when his daughter called him with another number.

“When I answered the phone, I heard her crying and saying, ‘Daddy, come back, I’m dying.’ I then asked her what had happened, and she told me that someone had hit her with his car just before the phone rang.

“I called the number again, and the owner explained what had happened to my daughter, and that he and the school administration were transporting her to UDUTH for treatment.” I then attempted to contact her mother, who works at the hospital, but was unsuccessful. So I called someone at the hospital, informed her (the mother), and met them at the trauma center.

“When I later found her, she told me that one of Fatima’s legs had been severely injured and that the doctors were considering amputating it.” I refused to have my daughter’s leg amputated. I then asked her to connect me with the doctor on call, which she did, and I begged him to do everything he could to save the leg, but he said the damage was irreversible.

“I asked him to put me in touch with the department’s head, Dr Muhammad, who confirmed that they were preparing to wheel her to the operating room for amputation but I asked them to hold on.

“I called a friend who works at the Orthopaedic Hospital Dala and asked for a picture of the leg. After looking at the pictures, he agreed that the damage was beyond repair and that I should take heart and allow for amputation. So I gave them my blessing,” he explained.

On Thursday, August 18, the driver was arrested and arraigned before a magistrate court, which granted him bail.

According to reliable sources, the case had also been withdrawn from the magistrate who had previously granted bail to the defendant.

The charges were also amended for the second time by the police, and the new charges included grievous bodily harm.

Meanwhile, Hajiya Mariya Tambuwal, the wife of Sokoto State Governor, paid a visit to Fatima on Monday and promised to help her overcome the trauma.

While sympathizing with the victim and her family over the tragic accident, Mrs. Tambuwal advised them to be brave and accept the situation as an occurrence willed by Allah.

Mrs. Tambuwal was assured by the victim that she had accepted the test and was ready to move on after her medical treatment.


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