Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike has stated that only failed leaders travel with security details after leaving office.
On Thursday, August 18, during the flag-off of a flyover project in the state’s Obio/Akpor Local Government Area, the Governor stated that his administration has fulfilled its promises to the people and that he will leave office next year a happy man because he did not “disgrace” the people of the state.
Wike stated;

“Already, I am leaving. In the next few months, I am gone but I am happy going because my people are happy I did not disgrace them.

“I am going without having any policemen following me on the streets. There is nobody that can touch me in any street because I have done what the people want me to do.

“It is only those that have failed because they haven’t done anything for their people that carry soldiers after leaving office. I don’t have one to follow me. Even if they give me, I won’t take. I want to move alone.”

The Governor, who also stated that his administration has “changed the narrative in terms of governance,” urged citizens to hold leaders accountable.

Wike stated;

“So, Rivers people ask me what I am doing with my money.

“I will tell you what I am doing with my money. If we were getting the kind of money we used to get before, I would have turned this state into Dubai.

“Ask PDP in Rivers State what they have done for the people of the state. This is our campaign.

“So, when people come and ask you to vote for them, ask them: The one you went before, what happened?”

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