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Oseikrom Sikani Shows Off His Mansion, Expensive Cars And Bundles Of Money (Video)

    Self-acclaimed rich dude and rapper, well known on social media as Oseikrom Sikani has showcased his expensive plush mansion, expensive cars and also put bundles of cash on display.

    Ever since he came to spotlight, he is known to always blast the Ghana Education System and those who used to be good in class. He always laughs at them for being richer than them despite their knowledge.

    Oseikrom Sikani has due to his craft as a rapper met with popular Ghana celebrities and musicians and has been seen recording new bangers with many.

    A new video has been sighted on social media which has the rapper popping Champaign while showing off his mansion, expensive cars, and some bundles of money.

    Watch the video below:


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