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Popular Yoruba Actor, Oshe Omobanke’s only daughter, Kofoworola Soji who’s in the US Army celebrates on her last birthday, Her father took to his instagram handle to celebrate her saying, today, “you have attained the legal age of maturity, 18”.

He hopes this next stage of her life will be filled with achievements, happiness and beautiful moments. He wishes her a fantastic birthday and prayed that her dreams come through.

Omobanke said, today is a momentous occasion of her life to look back and see how far they have gone in training, raising and nurturing her to become a brilliant and intelligent woman.

“Happy birthday my lovely daughter, I wish you more success in the future. And remember that daddy loves you more”. He said.

Fans and celebrities in the Yoruba movie Industry have also sent shout-out and compliments wishing her a happy birthday. Kofoworola currently lives in the United States Of America and serve in the US Army.

Happy birthday Kofoworola Soji.

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