Osmond Gbadebo Biography

Nigerian Actor Osmond Gbadebo is well known for his lovely movies, great Story writing Skills and outstanding Location Management Tactics .  Osmond was a vibrant young until his  illness began sometimes ago.

Osmond Gbadebo Profile

Name Osmond Gbadebo or Gbadebo Osmond
Age 45 years. (1977 to 2022)
State Of Origin coming soon
Nationality Nigeria
Date Of Death 30 May 2022
Occupation Location Management, Production Management, Actor, Writer, Producer
Net Worth coming soon


Osmond Gbadebo Age

Osmond gbadebo age is 45 years. (1977 to 2022)

Osmond Gbadebo Family

Osmond was happily Married with a two weeks old child.

Osmond Gbadebo State Of Origin

Gbadebo Osmond’s state of origin will be updated later

Osmond Gbadebo Career

Gbadebo Osmond was a location manager, production manger, actor, writer and a producer. he was not popular until 2018 when he decided to take a lead role in English Ede Oyinbo Movie. as his area of specializations are behind the camera

Osmond Gbadebo Sickness

Osmond has apparently been sick for a while but not known to the public

Osmond Gbadebo Cause Of Death

The cause of death for Gbadebo Osmond is yet to be determined. To avoid spreading false information, we are unsure of his cause of death; however, as soon as we learn more, we will update this piece.

Osmond Gbadebo Last Moment Videos



Osmond Gbadebo Death

He was Announced Dead at about 4 a.m. on May 30, 2022.

Cause Of Death

There are unconfirmed reports that he was sick going by his recent looks and how he lost drastic weight in a recent video shared by Laide Bakare.

Osmond Gbadebo Movies

Inioluwa (2017)

Wale Danger (2017) Policeman

Gbada Onikeke (2017)

Saworo (2018) I.P.O

Aye Soro (2018)

Ibujoko (2018)

Mulika Maradonan(2018) I.P.O

Malu (2018) Sars

Duro (2018) Osmond

Ewure Iya Alake (2018)

English Ede Oyinbo (2018) Copper Kunle

Ori Olori (2019) Armed Robber

Osmond Gbadebo Pictures

Osmond Gbadebo Net Worth

Net Worth is yet to be confirmed but it was gathered the he has some financial Struggles due to his illness 

Who is Osmond Gbadebo?

Osmond Gbadebo was a renowned Nollywood actor, location manager, and producer who was best recognized for his role in the English Ode Oyinbo film in 2018. He died about 4 a.m. on May 30, 2022.

Osmond Gbadebo Sickness?

The actor was Confirmed Sick but the nature of Illness is yet to be announced


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