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Prabhat Singh Bhadauriya (born December 13, 2000) is a famous Asian social media celebrity from India’s sub-continent.

The handsome young creative has made a name for himself in the acting and content creation fields.

He is a successful actor, TikToker, YouTuber, Instagram model, and social media influencer.

Having less than a hundred followers a few years, Prabhat is already a popular figure on social media, with millions of followers.

His large fanbase has made him a favorite of brands in India when giving out endorsement deals.

Prabhat Singh Bhadauriya
Full Name:Prabhat Singh Bhadauriya
Born:13 December 2000 (age 21 years old)
Place of Birth:Mumbai, India
Height:1.67 m
Parents:Amar Bahadur Singh, Shyam Rani Singh.
Siblings:Kalyan Singh Bhadauriya, Ankita Singh Bhadauriya
Wife • Spouse:Not Married
Girlfriend • Partner:N/A
Occupation:Actor • Media Personality
Net Worth:US$50,000-US$80,000

Early Life

Prabhat Singh Bhadauriya was born on the 13th Of December 2000 to the family of Mr. Amar Bahadur Singh and Mrs. Shyam Rani Singh.

He was born and raised in Mumbai, India’s most populous urban city. He hails from the state of Maharashtra, the second-most-populous state in India.

Due to his ties with Maharashtra,Prabhat Singh Bhadauriya belongs to the Marathi-speaking ethnic group of India. He was raised in a Hindu household, where he learned about the different gods his family worshipped and why they worshiped them, and the manner of worship.

Living in a modern apartment in the city of Mumbai, he participated actively in several festivals while growing up.

His parents didn’t fail to instill in him good morals, as they taught him to live in love and harmony with his siblings. Prabhat Singh Bhadauriya has two siblings – a brother and a sister. His brother is named Kalyan Singh Bhadauriya, while his sister is called Ankita Singh Bhadauriya.


Like most kids of his generation, Prabhat Singh Bhadauriya‘s parents ensured that he was given a chance to experience quality education so he could fulfill his dreams in life.

He was educated at IES New English School for his elementary school studies. After that, he studied at Rizvi College of Arts, Science, and Commerce for his middle and high school education.


Prabhat Singh Bhadauriya had shown signs that he was bound to tread a creative path later in life from his early years. This is because he had signed up for his school’s drama society when he was still a young boy and featured in several school plays. He was also known for thrilling his family members and close friends with jokes that tickled their ribs.

Thus, it didn’t come as a surprise to his folks when Prabhat Singh Bhadauriya started posting content on social media after graduating from high school. He started his creative journey on TikTok before switching to YouTube later on.

As a TikToker, Prabhat Singh Bhadauriya achieved fame when his videos began going viral on the platform. His lip-syncing and funny short videos intrigued many people, who bought into his creativity and became his die-hard followers. Currently, he has over a million followers on TikTok.

Encouraged by his success with TikTok, he started pushing content on YouTube and in no time built a large audience on the app, as thousands of people subscribed to his channel so as to enjoy his entertaining content.

With the social media stardom firmly under his belt, modeling was the next point of call for Prabhat Singh Bhadauriya, and he also struck gold in the field. He began pushing his modeling career by posting pictures on Instagram, which received lots of engagement from his followers. These moves didn’t go unnoticed to brands in India, and they began contracting modeling gigs and brand endorsement deal to Prabhat, which helped him generate more income.

Social Media

The social media space has been pivoting stone that catapulted has Prabhat Singh Bhadauriya into stardom.

He has over one million followers on TikTok and over 43.2k followers on Instagram.

Instagram Handle: @iamprabhatofficial.

Personal Life

Despite having a mature look, Prabhat Singh Bhadauriya is still a young man. He is currently 20 years old. He resides with his family members in Mumbai. A dog lover, he likes horseback riding during summer.

The handsome celebrity is single at the moment and spends his free hours taking acting and photography classes.

His celebrity status means that he gets a lot of freebies from brands and loyal fans. He is also into skydiving and achieved the milestone of diving at 13,000 feet while on vacation in Dubai.

Net Worth

The 20-year-old has created a steady income stream for himself off social media.

Thus, Prabhat Singh Bhadauriya is estimated to be worth US$50,000-US$80,000.

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