Presidency tells Police to publish names of Fulani herders undergoing trials

The Presidency has asked the Nigeria Police to release names of Fulani herders under trial to the public.

It further states that the President, Muhammadu Buhari, who is from the Fulani’s clan, is not holding a back seat in the fight against farmers-herders unrest going on in the nation.

Media and Public Senior Special Assistant to the President, Garba Shehu, said this during an interview with newsmen.

He opines, “The President is more than concerned of the ongoing situation; he is fully conscious of the fact that it is the responsibility of his government to work with Nigerians to secure lives and stop the ongoing crisis whether they are kidnappings or the new line of ethnic violence. He condemns it, and he does not support it.

“Having spoken against it, it follows that all security agencies must take their line of action from the president’s remark and do that which is necessary which is to stop the escalation of the violent attacks being witnessed in some parts of the country and ensure that it does not go beyond where it has been recorded.”

Garba further decried the ‘uncharitable’ remarks against the President, insisting that many criminal herders are currently undergoing prosecution.

“I hope the headquarters of the police will take responsibility and publish the full list of Fulani herders who are undergoing trials in various states, particularly in Benue State.

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