More lovely photos from actress Regina Daniels’ vacation with her son, Munir, has emerged on social media Adorable snaps were recently shared on little Munir’s Instagram page showing him having a lavish breakfast The little boy looked so excited at the sight of the lovely spread as he helped himself to its content

Top Nigerian actress, Regina Daniels, is obviously having a swell time with her only son, Munir, as they both vacation together in London. Lovely photos from their London trip has continued to be shared for members of the online community to see via Instagram.

The latest snaps from the London trip to make the rounds are of little Munir enjoying breakfast.

Regina Daniels’ son Munir.

In the new photos, the one-year-old boy appeared to be dining like a king as he enjoyed a lavish breakfast in bed.

The little boy who seemed to be in awe of the delicious spread before him made sure to help himself to its content.

The adorable photos were posted on Munir’s Instagram page and they were accompanied by a caption explaining the importance of breakfast.

It reads:

“Breakfast is the secret to a good day.”

Numerous fans and other internet users gushed over the adorable photos of Munir having breakfast.


“Moon chop life Abeg .”


“Enjoy Moon.”

Nice one.

Regina Daniels vacations with son without a nanny The popular Nigerian actress recently went on a London trip with her son, Munir, and shared snaps of them together at the airport.

Regina noted that it was going to be their best trip ever because it was just the two of them.

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