Remember The Boy That Played The Role Of Ojo In Awo Ekun Movie? See His Recent Photos

Ajiboye Damilola Tolulope (popularly known as Ojo or Manosky or Awo Ekun, born August 2, 1990, in Ikotub Egbe, Lagos State, Nigeria) is a Nigerian Actor.

Was born in Ikotun Egbe area of Lagos state and brought up in Ojo Local Government Area, Okoko attended St. Andrews Primary School at Ipaja Ayobo area and Went further to Asmatech High School at Ikotun and Heroes World group of schools at Ojo L.G.A. to complete his Secondary Debuts.

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Tolulope Ajiboye is an international megastar based in Nigeria. After acting in over 75 major films over a 5 year period, Tolulope shot to international mega-stardom with the blockbuster movie ‘Awo Ekun’ and has not looked back since that time. Tolulope has since the ‘Awo Ekun’ phenomenon gone on to win many laurels and awards in recognition of his body of work in developing the Movie Industry in Nigeria.

Ojo proved why He is the hottest Young Actor in Nigeria with the release of his new mega blockbuster album titled Ija Okunkun

Apart from being a superb Actor, Funke Tolulope is also a gifted Producer and Director with major award-winning movies to his credit including ‘Eye Awo’, ‘Alapadupe’, ‘Omo Onifa’, ‘Ilu Agere’, ‘Omonide’ and ‘Omi inu Posi’.


Personal Interests:

Watching and making Movies, Travelling, Shopping and doing charity work particularly among ununderprivilegedhildren and health issues of interest to guys.


Best kindergarten Respect Actor 2001, 2002 & 2003


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