The journalist, who has grown close to the Portuguese star over the years, anticipates his departure from Old Trafford.

Piers Morgan has stated that it is “very improbable” that Cristiano Ronaldo will play for Manchester United once more and that the striker’s next move might be “pretty surprising.”

Following the disappointing 2021–22 season for the Red Devils, GOAL has revealed that Ronaldo is looking for a transfer in order to continue playing Champions League football for as long as possible.

Man United have publicly reaffirmed that the 37-year-old would not be traded this summer, but contentious television host Morgan claims to have spoken with the Portuguese star directly and does not see the player remaining put.

Will Ronaldo quit Manchester United?

“I’ve been in touch quite a bit over the past week. Cristiano Ronaldo playing another game for Manchester United is, in my opinion, quite doubtful, Morgan has said to talkSPORT.

If you’re him and your career is winding down but you still want to win significant prizes, you have to do the math. Will I complete it if I remain with United?

“I simply believe he has psychologically moved on. I won’t reveal what we have talked to one another, but as I said at the outset, I don’t believe Cristiano believes Manchester United share his goals.

“I believe he believes they are not playing enough Champions League football given the deals they are making, the dedication they displayed last season, and where they finished. I believe he believes the club’s hierarchical structure is incorrect.

“It’s not a judgment on the new manager [Erik ten Hag], he respects him a lot, but it’s just a true reflection of where United are at the moment.

“It’s up to him to express his thoughts, but if you’re asking, I don’t believe he’ll stay at Manchester United,” I said. I believe he might go in a surprise direction.

Ronaldo might join Arsenal!

Morgan is a well-known Arsenal supporter and conducted an exclusive interview with Cristiano Ronaldo for ITV in 2019.

The 57-year-old journalist is attempting to persuade Ronaldo, with whom he has a close relationship, that Emirates Stadium is the ideal location for him to begin the next phase of his career.

Morgan continued, “Any Arsenal supporters listening should know I’m doing everything in my power to try and convince him to come to Arsenal.

Remembering that he was going to sign with Arsenal as an 18-year-old, under Arsene Wenger, he blitzed Manchester United in a friendly for Sporting Lisbon at the final minute, and Ferguson didn’t leave that game until he signed him.


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