Over the weeknd, Kuburat Okoya, the first wife of billionaire businessman, Chief Rasaq Okoya, turned 77 and she was thrown a surprise birthday lunch by junior wife, Sade Okoya.

The occasion which held at the Okoya palatial home in Lagos state was graced by the celebrant’s family and friends.

“A lovely birthday lunch celebrating Big Mummy at 77 with family and few of her close friends. Mummy I look forward to celebrating you at 100 years strong and in good health, Insha Allah.” Sade Okoya gushed.

See more photos and videos from the party below:

Sade Okoya in a recent chat revealed how she made her home a peaceful one and how she relates with her husband’s first wife, Alhaja Kuburat Okoya.

“Tolerance is number one. You must be tolerant. The early years is the difficult part of marriage. Like me, when I first got married, I complained a lot. But I learnt fast and adjusted early in my marriage. Then I learnt early to settle differences and say, sorry. I learnt to be submissive. It has to work. You saw the partner, let it work….

For me, submission is to my husband. And for me, there was no “awon ti mo banle”. It was me and Big Mummy (senior wife) and she was like my mother and we have our space. We were not in each other’s space.

I laugh because people tend to see our house more than we that live in the house. I respect everybody a lot. I put all my all in marriage. My husband is my priority. “My husband is ise”. My husband is my priority. He is my number one. So when you give your all and the man is crazy about you, they will say “ti tun ni nkan ni”

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