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The boy’s bold move elicited wild cheers from the students who were present at the scene.

He stunned the teacher

As the stunned teacher made to turn away, the black boy got up and again faced her with the ring while on one knee again.

A girl could be heard in the background urging the teacher to say yes.

As the cheers from the students continued, the teacher surprisingly threw her hands in the air without accepting the ring.

When she did this, the boy got up and was hugged by jubilant male students. It is not clear the institution it happened in or whether or not the proposal was a joke.

Watch the video below:


Netizens react to the video

MoJo007 said:

“Great sympatic teacher, my gosh is she besutiful and humorful.”

sophiefarrell37 said:

“Omg I can’t believe you are actually going to propose to a teacher.”

{Queenbeelizzy} said:

“Bro is like 16 and his teacher is like 47 so the age gape isn’t that bid it’s just like 31 years I think.”

dux • Follows You said:

“Emmanuel Macron married his teacher and later became president of his country. Anything is possible if you go for it.”

nargoose . said:

“Am I the only one noticing the boy crying behind the teacher.”

Student dances in front of lecturer and class for 10 marks

Meanwhile, knowledgebase news previously reported that a student had danced in front of his lecturer and the entire class for 10 marks.

Knowing how good he is at dancing, the excited student came out and danced with so much enthusiasm.

In a hilarious video, the talented student was seen dancing legwork and showing off other amazing dance styles.

While he danced, the lecturer stared at him in amazement. It was however not stated if he was later awarded the 10 marks or not for his beautiful display.

A schoolboy proposed to his teacher in a video that has got many people talking.

The short clip shared on TikTok by @stjrbu showed the boy in a white and black uniform on one knee and with a ring put forward as he proposed to the teacher.

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