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Segun Olatayo Biography

Segun Babajide Olatayo (born January 21, 1977) is a Nigerian businessman based in the United States. Arojah is a popular nickname for him.

He is a hotelier and real estate mogul with strategic investments in Nigeria’s real estate and hospitality sectors.

Segun Olatayo is the Founder and CEO of Imperial Royal Auto, a Lagos-based car dealership. He is the Chairman of the Imperial Royal Group and serves on the boards of several other companies.

Segun Olatayo
Segun Olatayo Biography: Age, Business, Net Worth, Children, Wife and Pictures
Full Name:Segun Babajide Olatayo
Stage Name:Arojah
Born:January 21 (age 40+ years old)
Place of Birth:Saki, Oyo, Nigeria
State Of Origin:Oyo State
Parents:Mr and Mrs Olatayo
Siblings:Odunayo Olujimi, Adeleke Olujimi, Adebisi Olujimi
Wife • Spouse:Oyejola Olatayo
Girlfriend • Partner:N/A
Children:Samuel Olatayo, Success Olatayo, Sharon Olatayo
Occupation:Actress • TV Personality
Net Worth:US$15 million

Early Life

Segun Babajide Olatayo was born on the 21st of January in the early 1970s to Mr. and Mrs. Olatayo. He was born in the northern part of Oyo State, in the city-town of Saki. He is an Oyo State native.

He was born into a religious family and raised in the Christian faith. He spent his formative years in Nigeria’s Southwest region. He comes from a small family of six. Adeleke Olujimi, Adebisi Olujimi, and Odunayo Olujimi are his three siblings.

Segun Olatayo was born with artistic abilities and spent his childhood developing them. As a teenager, he established himself as an artist in his community. He was well-known for his beautiful beadwork and oil paintings.


Segun Olatayo attended elementary and secondary school in Nigeria. He attended prestigious public schools in Saki and Ibadan, both in Oyo State.

He attended North Hennepin Community College.


Segun Olatayo’s career started in the arts. He interned with Soul Image Concept, located in the Egbatedo area of Osogbo. He worked for the company as an artist, creating beaded works and oil paintings for clients.

He founded Ose Itura Cultural Group after years of collaboration with Soul Image Concept. Under his direction, the theatre troupe rose to prominence as one of the southwest’s most important cultural organizations. Following that, he established Olas Concepts Art Gallery. The gallery contributed to his rise in the Nigerian artistic community.

Segun Olatayo decided to migrate overseas in search of greener pastures in 2002. He then moved to the United States of America to start a new life. On his arrival in the US, he began to work in the real estate sector.

He became a real estate investor, buying and reselling properties to new buyers. This resulted in the establishment of the real estate firm S&J Olas Properties. The company has real estate in New York, Miami, Chicago, Hawaii, and Minnesota.

Segun Olatayo later shifted his entrepreneurial focus to the automobile industry. He founded Imperial Royal Auto, a car dealership with offices in the United States and Nigeria. The company’s Nigerian headquarters are in Ogba, Lagos.

As the Director of S&J Olas Properties, I have seen the company grow tremendously over the last decade. The real estate company has expanded into the Nigerian market. The company has made property investments in the cities of Lekki and Abuja.

Segun Olatayo has made a name for himself in the hospitality industry as well. He is the Imperial Royal Hotel’s Founder and CEO. The company owns and operates a hotel chain in Nigeria’s Southwest region.

He is the founder of Imperial Royal Event Centre, a facility in the southwest that rents out its space for personal and corporate events. He is also a budding agribusiness owner. He owns Imperial Royal Farm in Egbeda, Osun State, along the Ibokun road.

Imperial Royal Cinema, Goldengate Auto Sales, and Imperial Royal Investments are also part of the Imperial Royal Group. The Chairman of the group is Segun Olatayo.

Social Media

Segun Olatayo is a well-known face in the Nigerian social media community as one of the country’s best entrepreneurs. He has over 102k Instagram followers.

Personal Life

Segun Olatayo values his family. He is happily married to his heartthrob, Mrs Oyejola Olatayo (nee Fadeyibi) (nee Fadeyibi). Their marriage produced three adorable children, Samuel Olatayo, Success Olatayo, and Sharon Olatayo.

His wife, Oyejola Olatayo, and he are business partners. She is a member of the Imperial Royal Group’s board of directors and the Managing Director of several of the group’s subsidiary companies.

The Olatayos live in Plymouth, Minnesota, in the United States, and travel to Nigeria on occasion. Segun Olatayo is well-known in the Yoruba community in the United States and is well-known for promoting Yoruba heritage internationally.

Net Worth

As an entrepreneur, Segun Olatayo has amassed wealth through his various business investments.

Segun Olatayo’s net worth is estimated to be $15 million USD.

Photo Gallery

Segun Olatayo Biography: Age, Business, Net Worth, Children, Wife and Pictures

Segun Olatayo Biography: Age, Business, Net Worth, Children, Wife and Pictures

Segun Olatayo Biography: Age, Business, Net Worth, Children, Wife and Pictures

Segun Olatayo Biography: Age, Business, Net Worth, Children, Wife and Pictures

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