“She Was Hurt And Wanted To Throw Something Back At Me” – Charly Boy Reveals Why His Daughter Dragged Him On Social Media

Veteran Nigerian musician, Charly Boy has opened up on his messy clash with his daughter, Dewy on social media a few days ago after Dewy accused him of pretending to like her.

Dewy said Charly Boy kicked her out their house and refused to answer her calls after she announced to him she is not sexually ‘straight’.

Speaking to the issue in an elaborate conversation with Sunday Scoop, Charly Boy said that his daughter was hurting within and wanted to vent her wrath on him and has not apologized after.

He said,

“Young people would always act that way. I remember when I was younger, I gave my father a very tough time and social media was not in existence then. I really ‘showed’ him because I was trying to gain my independence and did not want to be under anyone’s shadow.

I feel that somehow, that was the battle that was going on between me and my girl, Dewy. I was not born as Charly Boy. I know all I went through. Kids see their parents as old-fashioned and parents could feel their children are not adults yet. She knew she was lying and I knew too but because she was hurting, she wanted to throw something back at me.

She called me out because she wanted to make me look bad. Me and my children talk all the time and I did not chase her out of the house. As I said, when I knew she was a lesbian, I wondered if I had failed as a father. I needed time to digest the news, but what was more important was not her sexual preference but her success in life and happiness.

“One can train a child well but parents do not have total control over how a child would turn out. The grouse of my daughter was that she wanted to tell her story her own way. I also told my story my way. My father eventually accepted me for who I was and even boasted around that he was my father. I made a success out of my life. I am more popular than he was and even richer but I cannot claim to have more wisdom than him.”

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