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Shefiu Alao Biography

Shefiu Alao Adekunle, better known as Baba Oko, is a popular Fuji artiste and songwriter who was born on March 24, 1967 in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Shefiu Alao Biography
Shefiu Alao Biography: Age, Background, Music, Family and Net Worth
Shefiu Alao Biography

Shefiu Alao Biography : History, Movies, Comedy
Full Name:Shefiu adekunle
Stage Name:Baba Oko (Fmr. Sefiu Omo Oko)
Born:March 24, 1967 (age: 55 (2022))
Birth Place:Abeokuta
State Of Origin:Ogun State
Net Worth:$200,000 – $500,000

Shefiu Alao Background

Shefiu Alao Adekunle, also known as Baba Oko or Omo Oko, was born on March 24, 1967 in Abeokuta, Ogun State to Chief Wahab Adekunle and Alhaja Adejoke Adekunle.

Shefiu Alao Age

Shefiu Alao was born March 24, 1967 which means his age: 55 years as at 2022


He attended African Primary School in Igbore for his primary education before moving on to Unity High School in Abeokuta.

His musical career began when he was 14 years old, when he began performing at small parties in the Igbore and Ago oba areas.

Shefiu Alao Career

Shefiu Alao Biography: Age, Background, Music, Family and Net Worth

Shefiu founded the Fuji Bazooka Band as a young boy in the early 1980s, which was later renamed Fuji Candozo in 1986. Fuji Cardozo is Ogun State’s most popular Fuji music band.

One of his early albums, Ojumo Ire, released in 1996, became a must-play to wish someone good luck for the day before heading out to work, and it is still being played today as evergreen music.

Since then, he has released numerous albums and has performed at numerous parties and events around the world. He is currently known as Agbara Orin (meaning Power of Music).

His Good Day album sold over 200,000 copies in its first month of release, and he has over 40 albums to his credit. He is widely regarded as the best Fuji musician in Nigeria and beyond.

Furthermore, because of the rich cultural and linguistic content of his compositions and delivery, Shefiu Alao’s music is widely listened to and appreciated by Yorubas in French-speaking countries such as Cotonou, Cote De Voir, Togo, Congo, Cameroon, Gabon, Guinea Bissau, and others.

Baba Oko’s fans were concerned when he was reportedly shot by unknown gunmen while performing at an event in Sagamu in 2016.

Here is an Excerpt from His Interview about his career

I started when I was young. Since I started I have encountered a lot of challenges, different kinds of challenges. I started singing since I was age 14. At that time I just entered secondary school at Unity High School in Abeokuta here. That is where I started singing. We used to sing in school. Once we finish our 3rd term exams and we are about to go on holiday, we used to sing songs in school just to play and entertain ourselves.

That was how it started and it developed into our singing at every festive period, like New Year, Xmas, Itunnu Awe, we would rent instruments in our neighbourhood. That is how it started little by little until God blessed us. It will interest you to know that I started here, in this Igbore/Ago Iba area, in Abeokuta.

That is where I started from. Let me confess to you that when we started off years ago we didn’t know it will be this big. We didn’t take it as a job. It was more like a pastime, hobby, that we do as leisure. It is not something that you mean to do. Noo.

My parents wanted me to go to school. After I left primary school, I went to learn an architectural job. As I was doing that, I was singing and as money was coming in I left the architecture business and I started concentrating on singing. I like singing a lot. I like the business, so much so that I can let my children do it. It is a job that brings you respect. It enables you meet big, big people. Very important people (VIP).

It also teaches you how to speak well, it makes you knowledgeable. Even if you didn’t go to school if you start singing you will learn how to speak well. It is a job that enlightens you. It opens your eyes, it teaches you a lot about peoples behaviour and character. There are challenges and problems too.

It has to do with when you want to rise up. All the other challenges are normal everyday challenges. It is akin to the problems that politicians face, or rich men. They all face challenges from time to time. They can suffer setbacks. It happens to musicians also.

Shefiu Alao Biography: Age, Background, Music, Family and Net Worth
Shefiu Alao Biography

Shefiu Alao Marriage

Shefiu Alao was married to Nimotalahi but divorced her after a brief illness in 2013, and he has yet to remarry.

Shefiu Alao Awards

Shefiu Alao Biography: Age, Background, Music, Family and Net Worth

Shefiu Alao has won several awards to commemorate his astonishing performance over the years.

1995Shefiu Alao AdekunleNigerian Television Authority  Fuji Artiste of The YearWon
2009Shefiu Alao AdekunleCity People Entertainment Awards Award of ExcellenceWon
2016Shefiu Alao AdekunleCity People Entertainment Awards Special Recognition Award for remarkable contributions to the growth of the Nigeria Entertainment IndustryWon
2010Shefiu Alao AdekunleYoruba Image International award Prestigious award for evergreen musicianWon

Shefiu Alao Albums

Shefiu Alao has over 40 released albums including the albums listed below:

  • Ojumo Ire (Good day)
  • Philosophy
  • Solidarity
  • Akaba Odu
  • Goodluck
  • Golden Mother
  • Gratitude
  • Confidant
  • Feedback
  • Good Day
  • Archival Materials
  • Asset
  • Philosophy
  • Global Tour
  • I Dey Kampe
  • American Trip
  • Money Maker (Canada)
  • Warning and Research
  • Abinuwaye (A tribute to the late Sikiru Ayinde Barrister, the Fuji music creator)
  • Correction
  • Agbara Orin
  • My Mother
  • Isele Nla
  • Faaji Time
  • Unique
  • Solidarity
  • Stand-Out
  • Fuji Source
  • Oba Lipede Sun Re
  • JJC

Shefiu Alao Instagram

Shefiu Alao is an active user of Instagram where he connects with his teeming fans. He has 39.4k followers as of June 2022 with a handle @sefiualao_official.

Shefiu Alao Net Worth

Shefiu Alao net worth is estimated at N350,000,000 ($200,000 – $500,000).

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