Emerging star singer Victony says being an independent musician has taught him a major lesson that transformed his music career for the better.

In his recent post on Twitter, the singer stated that the power of believing has been key for him as an independent artiste who is not signed to any record label. “My journey as an independent artiste has thought me bout the power of believing,” he wrote.

Victony, real name Anthony Ebuka Victor, added that when he started pursuing a career in music professionally, he met his amateur manager, who believed in him on Instagram.

The manager put up a team of people, who share the same motive, and they’ve been working together to make him a prominent artiste.

“Met my manager on insta, no experience, but he believed & he put together a team that believed in the dream too. Just a bunch of young minds, all under 25, pushing & believing,” Victony shared.


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