Instagram comedienne, Maryam Apaokagi, popularly known as Taooma, has told men to stop complaining when their girlfriends/wives wear their stuffs.

Taaooma tells

In a tweet she shared on Twitter, Taooma told men to wear their women’s underwear in return if they don’t like her wearing their clothes and shoes.

She tweeted, “You guys should stop complaining when we wear your clothes and shoes, if it’s paining you, goan wear my payint”

See below,

Taaooma tells

This has stirred hilarious reactions from social media users online.

As expected, ladies supported her statement and argued that men actually like it but pretend not to. However, some men said they don’t like it because women end up not returning the cloth.

An interesting twist was also brought into the conversation as some netizens opined that if a lady doesn’t wear her boyfriend/husband’s clothes, that means he has a bad fashion style.

See some comments,

@dromomurewa_ wrote, “We complain because most of you don’t return them. You put them inside your bag and take them home ”

@amah_ra wrote, “I think they like it low keyOmo if your girlfriend doesn’t wear your stuff,you have been wearing rubbish bro”

@nene_george wrote, “You should rejoice when we wear your tinz. It’s only those we love, we dey wear their tinz”

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