Atletico Madrid

Thousands of supporters flocked to the stadium to greet their hometown hero.

When Luis Suarez arrived at Montevideo airport on Sunday from Barcelona, Nacional supporters gave him a warm greeting right away. He was met by tens of thousands of tricolor supporters who led him to Parque Central Stadium, where he was formally introduced as a Nacional player.

After his contract with Atletico Madrid expired at the end of the previous campaign, the forward left the club and later signed a pre-deal with the Uruguayan team.

After making a strong impression with the Bolsilludo, he swiftly won a transfer across the world to Groningen in the Netherlands, where he began his professional career in 2005.

Watch as Suarez receives a warm reception from the crowd.

Suarez made a comeback after 16 years, and at the Carrasco International airport, he was met by throngs of admirers eager to see their idol. Before making it to the stadium, he had to navigate a sea of spectators.

On his arrival at Parque Central, he found an arena with close to 50,000 fans waiting to welcome him back with gigantic tifos and flares.

“I’d like to thank you for allowing me to be here for you and for myself. They’ll say what they’ll say later. Suarez added during his presentation, “I won’t be happier anywhere else.

“Now I want to show my teammates some love back on the field. I arrived because I want to succeed. We have to compete in every competition.

“I am confident that if we perform well, we can win the upcoming competitions, including the Clausura, Uruguay Cup, and South American Cup. We need to concentrate on having fun while playing football.

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