Top-tier captains have approved the new guidelines, but they are still steadfastly devoted to the battle against prejudice in sports.

Before the 2022–23 season, the Premier League officially announced modifications to the anti-racism protest symbol of kneeling.

The move will only be performed before a few games, including those on matchday one this weekend. Players will no longer bow before every game.

The revised protocols have been accepted by the captains of all 20 top-flight clubs, and all parties remain dedicated to eliminating racism and discrimination from the game.

What have the captains stated on bending over?

The statement from the Premier League captains is as follows: “In order to underscore our solidarity against all forms of racism, we have chosen key moments during the season to take the knee. By doing so, we continue to demonstrate our support for a cause.

“We are still steadfastly committed to ending racial prejudice and creating an inclusive society where everyone has respect and equal access to opportunity.


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