Nigerian hit tracks ‘African Queen and Olufunmi’ has been in the system for the past 16 years and still counting.

The result of these tracks are seen widely on the street of people who love the music. Some men used it to propose to their ladies and unfortunately impregnate them while the music was playing in the background. The fruit of the unplanned pregnancies are 16 years while some are below it. According Twitter user Dr. Max the song has brought about many lives into this world. In a tweet he said; The unplanned pregnancies that happened with the coming of the tracks “African Queen” by 2face and “Olufunmi” by styl plus, the children are now 16 years plus now, some of them dishing hot takes and standards on here. How time flies. These pregnancies could not but happen as these tracks played through home theatres while men cooked them indomie and egg. Leg open waaaaaaa. Many of these girls and boys came to life. Mahd stuff.
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