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There is an agenda to Fulanize Nigeria – SOKAPU President alleges

by Temitope Elere
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President of the Southern Kaduna People’s Union, SOKAPU, Comrade Jonathan Asake, said the present administration has an undiscovered plan called ‘Fulanization agenda’ to allow Fulani communities to change the demography of the country.

He argues that the country is experiencing a strange order of things. Still, it is a plan by the current administration to change the demography in some states and some communities in Nigeria.

While speaking with newsmen, Asaka said, “It is a sad situation in our beloved country Nigeria and unfortunate that our founding will wake up and see the mess that is going on in the country that we found ourselves. They will be heartbroken, particularly, the spate of insecurity that has engulfed the country.”

He further explained that Boko Haram started looking armless before it became a deadly terrorist group.

“It does not speak well for Nigeria’s future and coming to the killer herdsmen who have also been doing all manners of evil in the Middle belt and other parts of the country,” Asake added.

In addition, the SOKAU president said, “There is going to be hunger in the land, and when there is hunger in the land, there will be anger, and when there is anger in the land, there will be a strike in the land and people have to rise up and fight whatever thing that is making them hungry.”

“On the negotiations, Sheikh Gumi is going round engaging the Fulani terrorists. I have never believed in the sincerity of purpose of his action. His argument has been that amnesty was granted to Niger Delta militants and that amnesty should be granted to the Fulanis who are into kidnapping, killing people, and displacing many communities.

“The Niger Delta militants were agitating for their environmental rights. Their environment was degraded as a result of oil exploration activities in their region. Everybody knows that the entire oil that is being exploited in the country comes from the South-South region, and while this oil is being exploited there, the Niger Delta youths do not have jobs that are being given to them by the government.

“The Niger Delta people are fishermen and could not go to the farm, so they agitated so that they will get the attention of government and the kidnapping they were doing was mostly on expatriates working for foreign companies in an effort they will get attention from the international community, but the Niger Delta militants never went into communities to kidnap their poor people or distort money from their people.

“Anybody trying to compare the Fulani herdsmen with the Niger Delta militants is being mischievous or is part of the agenda that is being played out.”

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