These Baba Suwe Movies Compilation Will Bring Back Lovely Memories about Him (Videos)

Veteran comic actor, Babatunde Omidina popularly known as Baba Suwe, died at 63 on Monday.

Baba Suwe who was born on August 22, 1958, in Lagos Island, hails from the Ikorodu local government area of Lagos State.

Baba Suwe’s movies

Iru Esin

In ‘Larinloodu,’ Baba Suwe plays the role of a troublesome landlord with many tenants in a house believed to be owned by him. The house was later discovered to be owned by his younger brother, who resides in London.

‘Baba Londoner’ features Baba Suwe playing the role of a London returnee that decided to flaunt his wealth in Lagos. He teamed up with his friend, Opebe, to frolic with women and spend lavishly till he regretted his actions.

‘Elebolo’ tells the story of young wayward ladies that engage in transactional sex while studying at a university. One of the ladies was later found out to have been possessed but was later delivered. Baba Suwe plays the role of a taxi driver in the movie ‘Elebolo.’ He was duped by one of the wayward ladies when he tried having a relationship with her.

Eja Osan

Oluweri Magbojo

Baba Suwe and Omoladun

  • N150 Million,

  • 36 Kiniun

  •  Kówópé

  • Ba o ku

    Oju Oloju

    Baba Londoner

    Ko tan si be

    Aso Ibora


  • Emi Lomo Baba Olowo

    Baby Mi

    Ayefele Yoruba

    Adigun Oga Oga

    Baba Jaiye jaiye

    Oju Oloju

    Baba Londoner

    Ko tan si be

    Aso Iboru




  • Baba Londoner

  • and So Many More

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