Bello expressed optimism that Tinubu would see reasons and give room for youths to lead Nigeria.

He spoke while responding to a question on who would make a better president between him and Tinubu.

The Kogi Governor said this while responding to the question of who would make a better president between him and the ex-governor of Lagos.

While featuring on BBC Nigeria, the Governor outlined Tinubu as a revered, well-respected leader, smart mentor and a wonderful kingmaker.

Bello revealed that he believes the judgment of Tinubu, adding that he “would love to have Nigeria on auto cruise very soon”.

He said: “Our National Leader, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, is a revered and well-respected leader and mentor who is well respected by all, including me.

“And I know reasons will prevail on him. He will be part of those who will make a youthful government in this country. I believe in his judgment. He is a nice man.”

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