Tion Wayne – Who’s True Ft. Davido & Jae5 Mp3 Download + Lyrics

Who’s True by Tion Wayne Ft. Davido & Jae5 Audio Mp3 Download 320kbps Music

Pulled from the Green With Envy Album, British rapper, Tion Wayne delivers a brand new impressive song titled; “Who’s True”, featuring Nigerian singer & songwriter, Davido. Production credit goes to Jae5. Enjoy!

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[Hook: Davido, Tion Wayne]
Gyal, don’t play hard, I know you wanna go yard with me
She act like she never knew I’m a superstar
Ask your girls, they know who we are
Shit we done to get where we are
Pray and hope I don’t see karma
All them nights I was on my last
I thank God that’s in the past
Oh, Lord, show me who’s true
She said she seen me on YouTube
I think she does juju
Love can turn man to a fool
Don’t wanna meet no one new (Uh-huh)
‘Cause I don’t know who’s who (Come on, come on)
Show me who’s true (Yeah, T Wayne from the 9)

[Verse 1: Tion Wayne]
Yeah, my life likе a film
She ask how I make a mill’ and still go on a drill
My ting in Tottenham said shе wan’ fuck with the real
I pray my brother Mad Mix gon’ get his appeal
Only fuck with the real, only some left
Was runnin’ from the old bill, now they upset
If love don’t really cost a thing, what’s the concept?
Cocktails, sippin’ on the beach up in Dom’ Rep’
Cases I caught weren’t no misdemeanors
How we take four-four just to lick the dealers?
Hit the heaters, so I kiss and treat her
All our problems got smoked like Wiz Khalifa
Remember twenty-bag licks, I wanted it all
Now for a hundred-bag lick, I hang up the call
But all these people show me love, but want me to fall
But a wise man never said nothing at all


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