Organizers of the Tokyo Olympics have agreed to ensure all 30,000 athletes receive their coronavirus vaccine to make sure the Games go ahead this summer.

According to the Japan Times  the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have teamed up with China to ensure every competitor gets their jab.

IOC president Thomas Bach confirmed China had offered to supply the vaccines to ensure all the athletes – for this summer’s Games and next February’s Winter Games get the vaccine.

Bach said: “We are grateful for this offer, which is in the true Olympic spirit of solidarity.

“The IOC will pay for these additional doses of vaccines for the Olympic and Paralympic team.

“For each of these doses, the IOC will pay for two doses more which can be made available to the population in the respective countries.”

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), China has already approved four vaccines, with eight more at the human trial stage.

The Games are scheduled to start on July 23.

Bach said: “At this moment we have no reason to doubt that the opening ceremony will take place on July 23.

“The question is not whether, the question is how these Olympic Games will take place.

“The IOC is working at full speed together with our Japanese partners and friends to make the postponed Olympic Games a safe manifestation of peace, solidarity and resilience of humankind in overcoming the pandemic.

“Our shared top priority was, is and remains a safe and secure Olympic Games for everyone.”

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