1. Basket Mouth

I can boldly say there is no one in Nigeria who doesn’t know him. Popular Nigerian comedian Bright Okpocha who is popularly known as Basket Mouth is one of the comedians who is regarded by many as the King of comedy in Nigeria. He is a very funny comedian who has made a fortune from both stand-up comedy and short comedy skits.

However, he often collaborates with many other comedians in Nigeria. He has bagged numerous awards and nominations in the comedy industry both within and outside Nigeria. Today, he is a brand ambassador for several multi-billion-dollar companies like Glo and many others.

These endorsement deals are said to be worth millions.

2. AY

Ayo Makun (aka AY) is also one of the creative comedians in Nigeria that have taken comedy to a whole new level. Aside from being a comedian, AY is also an actor, entertainer, TV host, and musician. Today, he is a brand ambassador for several multi-billion-dollar companies like Glo and many others. These endorsement deals are said to be worth millions.

3. Bovi

Bovi Ugboma from Delta State, Nigeria. He’s another popular comedian who is making the country proud. However, he sets any stage ablaze with his jokes and he has made it big in the industry already. He is the founder and host of the famous stand-up comedy concert called ‘Bovi Man’. Due to his fame in the comedy industry. He’s now a brand ambassador to many multi-million-dollar companies both within and outside the nation. He often collaborates with Basket Mouth and also loves using the name ‘Akpos’ in his jokes. viewed all around the nation. He currently has a wife, and they have wonderful kids.

4. I Go Die

I Go Die is a popular Nigerian stand-up comedian with the real name ‘Francis Agoda’. He is known for his slogan ‘Area!’ However, he yells that during his jokes and he is one of the highly respected comedians in the industry today.

Although he doesn’t feature in comedy skits and movies. With so many awards, endorsement deals, and more. Francis Agoda is currently one of the richest and funniest comedians in Nigeria.

5. Akpororo

Everyone knows the tall dark-skinned Nigerian comedian Akpororo who is one of the funniest in the industry today. Other than stand up comedy, Akpororo is also a musician just like AY. He is loved by Nigerians and his talent has sold him out to the world major companies.

If you are looking for funny comedians in Nigeria, then you are looking for the likes of this wonderful humorist. He is gifted with the skill of comedy and is sure to turn any stage upside down with laughter.

6. Okey Bakassi

The famous Nigerian comedian Okey Bakassi with real name Okechukwu Anthony Onyegbule is yet another top-rated comedian in Nigeria, who is gifted with the natural talent of comedy. He has been in the industry for over 30years.

Okey Bakassi is also a top-class Nollywood actor, who has also made it big in the movie industry. In his movies. He often features major nollywood comedians like the popular Mr. Ibu (John Okafor), Bishop Imeh Umoh, and many others.

A very successful movie that featured Olu Jacobs, John Okafor, Okey Bakassi, Chacha Eke Faani, Bishop Imeh Umoh, and many others. He has bagged so many awards both as a stand-up comedian and as an actor.

7. Gordons

There is hardly anyone in Nigeria who doesn’t know the popular Godwin Komone (aka Gordons).

Gordons is not new in the industry, as he has been into comedy since the early 90s. He has released several CDs of his jokes, and most of them still sell well till date. His natural gift of comedy has bagged him a couple of honours and deals. Today, we can safely say he is one of the richest comedians in Nigeria.

and his shows  Is one of the most respected in the field today. Just like other experienced comedians in the industry. Gordons is a mentor to so many upcoming acts. He shows them to the world through his concerts and shows.

8. Alibaba

Ali baba is another popular name in the Nigerian comedy industry. He’s often jokingly tagged as ‘GCFR’, meaning the Grand Comedian of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

He is one of the pioneers of modern comedy in Nigeria, and he is well respected for all his achievements in the field.

It is even said that Alibaba is the highest-paid stand-up comedian in all of Nigeria He is also the richest in the industry today. With several endorsement deals, shows, concerts, and more. Alibaba is one comedian who is making great gains from his natural talent.

He brought so many comedy stars into the limelight through his concerts.


9. Seyi Law

Seyi Law is another topnotch comedian in Nigeria who is extremely funny, and successful in the comedy industry. He always collaborates with the popular comedian Gordons. Just like the other comedians in this list. He has a huge fan base with so many fans scattered far and wide. He hails from Ondo state, Nigeria, and is happily married with lovely kids

He has featured in several movies including the blockbuster movie titled ‘Kpali’.

Seyi is a very funny comedian that is well sought for, and he is one of the biggest names in the industry today.

10. Julius Agwu

Julius is a top rated comedian, who is actually one of the funniest in the game today. All through his career as a comedian, he has won so many recognitions and honours. Today, he is a very rich comedian in Nigeria.

He is often used for top-quality shows and concerts, and he often delivers, as he turns tables down with hard laughter during his comedy sessions.


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