The following are the top 10 songs by Naira Marley, the Marlian President.

Naira Marley is undoubtedly one of the street kings, beyond being a musician, he also created a movement now known as Marlians. The songs listed below are the best Naira Marley songs of all time so far. See below:

10. Koleyewon

This is the song where he talks about extra judicial killings of the law enforcement agency. In this song, Maira Marley sues for peace and justice

9. Kojosese

Purely a dance music, in this song he introduced some new dance steps and it went viral among Nigerian youths.

8. Aye

Aye is the song where Naira Marley talks about the vanity of life and the reason not to put your trust totally in anyone.

7. As E Dey Go

As E Dey Go is an awareness and a song against forced intercourse and other forms of violence among the youths and the older people.

6. Am I A Yahoo Boy

Perhaps this is his shot to fame in the Nigerian music industry. The song gained ground and Naira Marley became the center of attraction.

5. Tesumole

Tesumole is a controversial song, no one can really say if it is a prayer or a slang by Nairs Marley

4. Naira Marley ft Busiswa -Coming

This is a song strictly about intimacy and Naira Marley actually delivered using the sonorous voice of South Africa based musician, Busiswa.

3. Opotoyi

Opotoyi is a song for fat women, many believe it is a song used to counter body shaming fat people.


Pxta is strictly a song many believed is used to praise intimacy workers, whether it is right or wrong still begs for answer.

1 . Soapy

A song released after his famous arrest, Soapy is where Naira Marley reveal to us what people do in prison


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