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Sometimes, Money is the reason why people are signing up for Comedy skits. Though skits are shorts drama(s) made by creative minds, but Nigerian internet users always finds it interesting to watch.
Therefore, the creators making this funny videos, How do they get Paid? How rich are they? Where do they source for money to boost their career, to fund promotion and maintain luxury lifestyle?

Notwithstanding, most of these celebrities have so far struggled to become rich stars in Nigeria, with their creativity and talent, these guys have amused and entertain lot of Nigerians and even Africa with their comedy skit.

Many including Instagram skit makers have won the minds of people with their funny skits videos.
While most of this comedians remain legit in the process, some have been accused of adding yahoo yahoo into their hustle simply because they have displayed surplus cash, buy flashy cars, acquire big things and people are already mulling over where they see money!

Meanwhile, the urge for quick and easy money these days is so common among unemployed youths who can do just anything to escape poverty and this includes blood money, internet-money-extortion generally referred to as Yahoo Yahoo.

However, The ‘Yahoo-Yahoo’ business (419) cyber fraud is not even a new phenomenon in the country. The illicit business has been existing since 1980’s.

Today, on this post, we are going to induce some popular comedians who have in one way or another been caught, suspected or promoted the practice. These class of comedians were once implicated and told to be yahoo boys.

Below is the List of Top 5 Comedians in Nigeria Who Are Suspected Yahoo Boys
1• SydneyTalker

Popular Comedian Sydneytalker had been accused of adding yahoo into his hustle, this accusations came after a video of him flaunting his new Diamond Chain surfaced online.
Sydney Egere is the real name, he was born October 12th, 1994. Sydney talker hails from Edo state but he’s living in Lagos.

The celebrity Comedian have gained many hearts due to his funny and enticing video skits. The young lad is also an entrepreneur and graduate of UNIBEN.Sydney Talker enrolled into comedy making for quite sometimes, he dived into fame and became known with his famous style of holding a towel while he’s acting.
Sydneytalker is a multifaceted personality, because he is not just a comedian, he dance and also do many other things.

Few months ago, the content creator took to his Instagram handle to share an update about his newly purchased jewelry but was later got trolled by aggressive fans who said that he mixed Yahoo plus Skits to cash out, another follower added that Yahoo is the main source of his income, that he’s using comedy to cover up and confuse EFCC.

As of this press, Sydneytalker has estimated Net worth of about $500,000

2• Nasty Blaq

Nasty Blaq Biography, Profile: His real name; Abisi Emmanuel Ezechukwu popularly called Nasty Blaq is a Nigerian comedian, contents creator, video editor and actor. He will be turning 27 years old by September 2021. The comedian comes from southern-eastern Nigeria and is of the Igbo tribe.
He’s a friend to Sydney talker, Craze Clown, and has featured good numbers of top stars in the Nigerian comedy industry

In July 2020, Nasty Blaq was arrested by road traffic Police for alleged being a Yahoo Boy. Although no evidence was found that could implicate him of the act, but was taken to the station for further investigation. He was nabbed in Ajah, at a location close to Lekki in Lagos state. According to some video recordings that have surfaced online.

Nasty Blaq was involved in an heated argument with the officers who had arrested him until his colleague, the Cute Biola who tried to intervene was gifted with a heavy slap.

Watch the video below


3• Lasisi Elenu

Kwara born and bred Nigerian content creator, Comedian and mimicker Lasisi Elenu is also accused of being a Yahoo Boy
Lasisi is among the Africa’s most popular influencers, he is known for his skits with a ‘wide mouth’ disguise filter during performances. The comedian is currently 30years old. He is also a graduate from University of Illorin.

The Top comedian, Lasisi Elenu was called out by Nigerians on social media over his funny skit about popular scammers, known as Yahoo Boys. The video saw the comedian clowning challenges Yahoo Boys experience with their ”Abokis” and this, many could relate with.
“The accuracy in Lasisi’s Yahoo boy skits is alarming, the dude must be either a yahoo boy, Rolls with them or did an intense 6months IT”
. A fan suspected. …. “I swear Lasisi na yahoo boy, or e don do yahoo before,” another follower added.
People have now taken to different social media platforms to accuse the comedian of being a Yahoo boy for knowing so much about them.

4• Pankeeroy

Pankeeroy is a young comedian and superstar, his real name is Nwagbo Chidera Oliver. He always celebrate his birthday on every 22nd of January
The model has a Net Worth of about $120,000. Pankeeroy is from Anambra state and he’s associated with famous prankster Zfancy, Nasty Blaq, etc.

In April 2021, Pankeeroy was said to be arrested by EFCC for his alleged involvement in cybercrime known as Yahoo Yahoo. Pankeeroy, who boasts over 500,000 Instagram followers, was arrested alongside 34 others suspects for their alleged online fraud in Lagos.

They were arrested on Wednesday at their hideout in James Court, Lekki, Lagos, following verified intelligence received by the commission about their Bitcoin scam.
According to the EFCC, the comedian posed as a vendor who redeems bitcoin vouchers using a platform to defraud his unsuspecting victims. Among the items seized from the comedian include a Mercedes Benz car worth N36M.

5• Funny Toheeb

Toheeb Adedokunde Akore is another big boy in the Nigerian comedy industry who is notable for his comic recreation of celebrity’s outfit in pictures.

Funny Toheeb was born in November 23, 1997, the comedian is about 24years old. He rocks a wholly N4.12Million naira net worth.
The skit maker FunnyToheeb was also tagged as Yahoo Boy and arrested by Nigerian police. According to him, some police officials mistook him for a yahoo boy, and because of this, they took him to the police station.

Funny Toheeb also shared photos of himself in the police station.

In the pictures he posted, he was holding a sleek laptop which the police must have thought was his instrument of operation. Many Nigerians found it hilarious and painful that the comedian had been arrested on this note.


The End!!!

We advise our youths to toe the right path in life so as to be known for the right reasons. That was about the list of popular Nigerian comedians who were one time suspected as Yahoo Boys.

There you got it. Thanks for reading. If you enjoy this post, do well to give it a comment below and share with friends.

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