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Toro Aramide is a well-known Nigerian actress and producer who rose to prominence after starring in and producing the film Ogoji.

She was born in Nigeria but now lives in the United Kingdom.

She entered the entertainment industry at a period when it was extremely competitive due to the abundance of talent, but she has managed to become well-known and observed by many.


Toro Aramide: History, Bio, Photo
Full Name:Toro Aramide
Stage Name:Torolicious
Born:15 August 1985 (age 36 years old)
Place of Birth:Nigeria
State Of Origin:Lagos State
Boyfriend • Husband:Married
Occupation:Actress • TV Personality
Net Worth:$550,000

Early Life

On August 15th, 1985, Toro Aramide was born.

She was born in Nigeria, although nothing is known about her family or the specific place of her birth.

It’s also unknown where she went to school.

Toro Aramide rose to prominence only as a result of her stunning looks in the film business.


Toro Aramide‘s tertiary education is currently unavailable since she has kept all of her records private.

However, the inquiry is currently underway in order to learn about all relevant facts.


Toro Aramide began her career as an actor after landing a leading part in a film. She also had a larger part as a producer in the film Ogoji, and she featured in roughly three scenes.

Eniobanke is another film she wrote and produced. She appeared in the second film as well.
She was working on another product, her third film, as of February 2020, which would be distributed when the film was completed.

She has effectively navigated the ever-changing Nigerian entertainment landscape, garnering the respect and affection of both fans and spectators.

Sexualization is one of the most significant issues women confront in the Nigerian film business. Many women have been rejected because they refuse to offer sex to promoters. Toro Aramide, on the other hand, has indicated that the characters she can play are limited since she does not want to act in a way that contradicts her values. Another issue is the copyright issue, which wastes producers’ hard work.

Social Media

Toro Aramide has increased her chances of becoming famous in Hollywood by interacting with her followers on social media. She has almost 40 thousand Instagram followers.

In the United Kingdom, she regularly shares photographs of herself and her children against gorgeous settings. She is a fashionista who like to keep things simple.

Instagram: @toroaramide

Personal Life

Toro Aramide is a mother and a wife in addition to being an actor. Her marriage to her spouse has been pleasant, and many people have admired it. Three children have been born to her and her husband.

Combining the jobs has been a big challenge since it is not simple, but the support, love, and encouragement she receives from family members has motivated her to go forward more quickly.

Net Worth

Toro Aramide is a Nigerian actress who lives in the United States with her family. Despite the fact that her remoteness has hampered her acting career, she has created a name for herself and has landed several “notable” roles in the film business.

Toro Aramide‘s net worth is believed to be about $550,000.

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