The beautiful Yoruba actress Toyin Abraham gushes over her step daughter and call her My Love. Toyin Abraham took to her social media platform to share photo of herself and her step daughter and said; Temitope Ajeyemi my love. This actress Toyin Abraham does not hesitate to show her step daughter Temitope t that she loves her. Temitope Ajeyemi on the other hand always feel happy around her step mother Toyin Abraham. Toyin Abraham always show this girl, Temitope Ajeyemi that her love for her is real. Toyin Abraham has built a strong bond which I think nothing can destroy. Toyin Abraham doesn’t behave as if she is Temitope Ajeyemi stepmother. And also Temitope Ajeyemi takes Toyin Abraham as her mother.

Toyin Abraham is the wife of the handsome Yoruba actor Kolawole Ajeyemi and they had a son together. It was just some days ago that Toyin Abraham revealed the face of her son Ireoluwa Ajeyemi that she has been hiding for months. This Yoruba actress Toyin Abraham is no doubt a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry. She is one of the most successful actresses in movie industry. It is very obvious that Toyin Abraham really love Temitope Ajeyemi and that shows she has a good heart.

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