uk red list countries: Nigeria Added to Red List and What it Means

Red list of countries and territories

Red list Upcoming changes to the red list
Nigeria Will be added to red list at 4am Monday 6 December. If you arrive in England after then, you must follow red list rules.
South Africa

Before you travel to England – red list rules

You must do the following before visiting England:

take a COVID-19 exam – this must be done three days before to your trip to England.
buy a hotel package that includes two COVID-19 examinations.
fill out a passenger Locator  form

Even if you are completely vaccinated, you must do this.

Before you come to England, learn more about the COVID-19 test.

When you arrive in England – red list rules

You must quarantine at a supervised hotel and take two COVID-19 tests when you arrive in England.

Even if you are completely vaccinated, you must do this..

Travelling with children – red list rules

In the three days leading up to their trip to England, children aged 11 to 17 must take a COVID-19 test.

Children aged 5 to 17 must quarantine in a controlled hotel for 10 days and take two COVID-19 tests upon arriving in England.

Travel tests are not required for children under the age of four, but they must undergo managed quarantine.

Transiting through a red list country on your way to England

If you stop in a red-list nation on your route to England, you may be required to observe the red-list laws when you get there.

A transit stop is a location where passengers can board or disembark from the mode of transportation they are using. It can be used on ships, trains, or planes.

What happens during your transit stop in a red list nation will determine whether you need to follow red list guidelines.

Air passengers

If you pass border control at the airport during your transit stop, you must follow red list procedures when you arrive in England.

Ship passengers

When you arrive in England, you must follow red list guidelines if, during your transit halt, you:
You exit from the ship, and other passengers disembark as well. You then re-board the ship, and fresh people board.

Train passengers

If you get off the train in a red list nation, such as to change trains, you must obey red list laws when you arrive in England.


Private vehicles or coaches travelling through red list countries or territories

If you’re driving to England in a private car, you’ll have to follow the regulations of the nations and territories you pass through. If you drive via a nation on the red list, you must adhere to the red list laws once you arrive in England.

This is true whether or not you stop in the nation or territory. On your passenger locator form, make a note of the countries and territories you transit through.

Some people are exempt from red list restrictions for medical or compassionate reasons, or because of the job they do

Read More about Exemption Here:


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