Unrest after the sixth victim died Mysteriously in Hilton Hotel in Ile Ife, Osun State- Manager and Owner arrest over Suspected Ritual Activities (Video)

Information reaching us has it that Instagram blogger, Gistlovers, has called out the Maye of Ile Ife, Chief (Dr.) Rahaman Adegoke Atobatele Adedoyin, after Timothy, the sixth victim died in his Hilton Hotel in Ile Ife, Osun State. 
Taking to his Instagram page, an accurate blogger, Gistlovers, revealed that an ICAN personality, Timothy, had passed away at Hilton Hotel in Osun State.
According to Gistlovers, he tagged the Maye of Ile Ife, Chief (Dr.) Rahaman Adegoke Atobatele Doyin as a ritualist, which some Nigerians talked about.
According to some Nigerians, they said that even in the swimming pool at Hilton Hotel, lots of people have mysteriously died in it. Chief (Dr.) Rahaman Adegoke Atobatele Adedoyin is the Maye of Ile Ife, the CEO of Hilton Hotel and the owner of Oduduwa University in Ile Ife, Osun State.
In the trending video shared by Gistlovers, a narrator and close member to the family said that Timothy lodge in the hotel on Friday and didn’t come out of his hotel room at all on Saturday and on Sunday.
On Sunday afternoon, the hotel manager and staff of Hilton Hotel decided to check the room of Timothy and they found him dead. The mistake they made was that they (hotel manager and staff) took Timothy’s body and buried him in a nearby area.
The body was later dugged out after complaint from Timothy’s family was made, which the police got involved. The hotel manager confessed that he and other staff buried Timothy’s body after finding out he had passed on.
The hotel manager also confessed that Timothy was the 6th victim that had died in the hotel. Now, Timothy’s is currently at the OAUTH mortuary, where autopsy will be conducted to know what caused his death and if his organs were harvested.
According to the narrator, he says that the commissioner of police in the town was given him “cock and bull” story when he asked him some questions.
According to a member of ICAN says that Timothy’s story is currently trending on their social media platforms. Gistlovers is calling for justice for Timothy as he promises to deal with Chief (Dr.) Rahaman Adegoke Atobatele Adedoyin.
Gistlovers wrote:
“The face of a Ritualist in Ife, Osun state , BOYCOTT HILTON HOTEL, BOYCOTT ODUDUWA UNIVERSITY!!! Your life might be in danger if you don’t boycott, I tell una say Doyin end don come , una no believe, this will be his last victim , I promise again , a lot of report about students dying and going missing in his school.
“Oduduwa university has been going on for a while now, but this will be his last victim, commissioner of police, i hear say una wan Dey do like oloriburuku, you won’t want to try that with me , I can bet you, as person life don Dey involve now, una don k*ll Timothy, I will advise the commissioner to cooperate with the people and allow justice take its course, if not, if not, I no go talk pass that one, Una go get una own children go Dey use people children for rituals , Ooni of ife must not keep quiet on this too, information reaching me is that he is the friend of the former Ooni, that one no concern me oo, JUSTICE, JUSTICE, JUSTICE is all we want #justicefortimothy Adedoyin, Aderitual, your end is here, oni lo( you won’t go scot free) i come in peace.”
Video below:

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