Nigerian singer Hotkid has taken to social media to reveal the reason he would never take his colleague, Fireboy’s advice.

Fireboy had advised his junior colleague, Hotkid, to stay away from girls because they have the power to destroy lives.

Hotkid in response jokingly said he would have taken Fireboy’s advise seriously but he couldn’t, because the former refers to himself as a playboy.

Hotkid wrote:

“Fire boy said “Hotkid stay away from girls, they corrode/destroy lifes)

Would have taken the advise but it came from someone who literally called himself a “PLAYBOY”

WITHIN NIGERIA recalls Fireboy who recently revealed his father asked him to sign an undertaking to ‘blow’ in two years or return home spoke about his dating life.

The Peru hitmaker stated that referring to himself as a playboy means he wants to have fun and not in the same way people refer to the world.

Speaking about his dating life, Fireboy described his relationship status as chaotic. According to the singer, he just wants to have fun. Hence, over time, he has been tagged by his partners as “emotionally unavailable and toxic.” He said the major reason ladies tag him is because they end up falling in love instead of just having fun.

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